“Chuck really listens to us and advises us based on the direction we want to take rather than simply telling us how to do something which is the approach so many attorneys we have worked with previously have taken. Chuck not only looks at the legal issues, but the practical business issues as well. As such, he has quickly emerged as much more than just our attorney, we look to Chuck as a trusted business advisor to our Firm.”
-Robert J. De Luca, IMA Consulting

“We worked on a real estate matter involving complex transactions which were brought to a successful conclusion.  Chuck Ormsby had a firm grasp and understanding of the complex nature of the business transaction.  He is creative, brilliant and honest.  He constantly made himself available and everyone at the firm was responsive to my needs.  You are paying for a high-caliber level of service and representation when you engage Chuck and the firm.”
Kurt Eisenschmid, Penn’s Grant Realty Corp.

“Chuck guided us the whole way through negotiations and had all the resources to achieve a successful outcome.  I’ve never heard anyone negotiate the way Chuck did on our behalf.  He advised me to take certain actions and I had to trust in what he advised me to do. Through Chuck Ormsby’s guidance, we were able to come up with a settlement with a company that fulfilled their obligations.  Chuck is my guy- the guy you go to war with!  He has true values and morals, I’ve never seen in an attorney. He was extremely fair in negotiating our legal costs throughout.  I’ve worked with many attorneys on different matters: Alexis Dillet Isztwan, Michael Dubin, Steve Goldblum, and Mike Torchia. I trust everyone at the firm.  Without you guys, I don’t think there is anything I couldn’t be prepared for in business.”
Ken Zorzi, KBZ Communications

“Chuck represented me in a large acquisition that my company was making.  The agreement language he drafted for the deal was very thorough.  The other side tried very hard to amend and redact much of the language, but Chuck counseled me to stay the course.  Several months after the sale transacted, I learned that the sellers misrepresented the value of the company’s assets.  Chuck’s contract, that he fought to keep in tact, enabled us to have almost half of the original purchase price returned to us by the sellers.  He is the consummate business attorney.”
John M. Lawlor, Keystone Fire Protection

“Because of Chuck’s experience in mergers and acquisitions, he gave us really good advice and a lot to think about in terms of possibly selling our business. His advice helped us avoid problems and a lot of landmines! Chuck takes a real personal interest – He not only gave me business advice, but life advice, which I felt was really important at the time. With Michael Dubin, he thinks outside the box! He is extremely thorough in his prep, and is very aggressive. Tom Bell was extremely helpful with an estate issue during a time of need.  Your firm helped us avoid going to court, and have taught me that court is not always the first option! There is not a lawyer at SOGT that isn’t super-confident and super thorough. I have advised both friends and business associates that if they are looking for honest, competent legal advice- you are the firm they need!”
-Mike Reuter, Reuter Hanney

“To My Very Hard-Working and Dedicated Friends at SOGT:
Forgive me for getting this letter to you at this late hour, in light of the fact that we settled almost 24 hours ago.  I would be absolutely remiss if I let one more minute get by without thanking you – Ashleigh, Katie and Chuck – for your masterful job in getting this building purchase done.  It seems like nothing I push your way is ever easy, but I can’t praise you enough for your patience, thoroughness and general level of professionalism throughout this [frequently frustrating] deal.  A special bravo to you, Ashleigh, for coming out of motherhood to save my bacon at the eleventh hour – you make it look so easy.  You handled yourself so confidently and professionally at the close yesterday, that you looked like an old pro.  And Katie, your work on vetting the first building out of our thinking saved me millions of dollars (literally) and a lot of headaches.  You were a wonderful backstop to Ashleigh and I thank you.  You’re all superstars and you play like a really well-oiled machine.  Thanks for being the best partners a businessman could hope to have in his corner.”