Health Care

Our attorneys have a broad range of experience in working with many of the participants in this highly regulated industry.  Areas of concern include compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations.  Areas of concern for our clients include compliance with fraud and abuse laws, such as the federal Stark Law, Anti Kickback Statute, Civil Money Penalties Law, the Exclusion Statute and the False Claims Act.  We also assist health care businesses with state and federal regulatory concerns, such as medical licensing, accreditation and certification and organizational governance requirements.

Our clients include physicians’ practices of all sizes and types, durable medical goods and equipment, organizations providing health care services and administering health care programs and pharmaceutical marketing and sales companies.

A sample of issues that we can help address are:

  • Managing Business Associate Relationships
  • Implementing an EHR system
  • Complying with HITECH amendments
  • Updating Policies, Procedures and Forms
  • Fraud and Abuse Laws
  • Structuring business transactions
  • Aligning incentives to manage costs
  • Accountable Care Organization developments
  • Business agreements (medical director, employment, joint venture)
  • Equipment purchase decisions
  • Provider and Payor Relationships
  • Contract review
  • Negotiations
  • State Regulation
  • Licensing concerns (facility and professional)
  • Accreditation matters
  • Bylaws review and/or development
  • Health Information Technology
  • Securing Data Appropriately
  • Negotiating contracts with providers
  • Electronic signatures/authorizations

The following attorneys are members of the Health Care Law Group: